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Connecting and Supporting Pharma SMC all accross Europe
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Europharm SMC members opinions and views

In addition to its Business & Networking activities, EUROPHARM SMC mission is also to defend the interest of its members and to work for a favorable economic and political framework. This activity is more oriented to company size and less to pharmaceutical fields of activity (e.g. new directives, EMA consultations, pharmacovigilance, promotion through programmes of a more general character for SMEs, co-operation with companies and institutions representing the interests of mid-sized businesses).

Trough his position as stakeholder at EMA and among the EU institutions ,  EUROPHARM SMC can present and defend  your concerns during meetings organized all the year and on different areas of interests.   

Your opinion is very important for us and there two way to bring your comments, opinions and views on the table.

1. If you are member of an association which is also members of Europharm, your association is able to present and to defend your opinions and thoughts during the Board Meetings we have all the year.

2. You can also send us your comments, opinions and view directly by email to info@europharmsmc.org

It is therefore very important to realize that you can have an influence on the decisions taken at European level and that these decisions are important for your company.  We assure you that all comments will be taken into account.  

On this page you'll find questionnaires or consultation papers for which your feedback is required. You'll be always informed also by emails when a new consultation paper is published.

The report of  our stakeholder activities, minutes and related documents are published on our website on the following page: : http://www.europharmsmc.org/default.asp?SHORTCUT=140