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Connecting and Supporting Pharma SMC all accross Europe
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EMA consultations and News for SME's

Europharm SMC participates to various stakeholder meetings at EMA level.  It is important for Europharm SMC to reflects the opinion of its members during these meetings.  When you opinion is needed you'll find all the information on this page but you'll receive also an email asking for feedback.  

If you are interested to be invited to participate to some EMA Stakeholder meeting to represent Europharm SMC and the voice of its members, please send an email to: regulatory.affairs@europharmsmc.org 

On this page you'll find also documents released by EMA for public consultation.

If some of these topics are in your field of activity it's always important to give you feedback. You can do this directly to EMA or by sending an email to info@europharmsmc.org 


 EMA Action plan for SMEs
In accordance with the EU Medicines Agencies Network Strategy to 20201, the EMA is reviewing whether it provides adequate support and an appropriate regulatory environment for those that drive innovat ...