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Connecting and Supporting Pharma SMC all accross Europe
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Stucture and organization

Europharm SMC governance structure comprise:

- The President

- The Treasurer

- The Managing Director

- A Board of Director of 14 persons and the General Assembl).

The Board represents the most important member countries of the Association.  Board members, President and Treasurer are elected for a period of two years.

The Businesses & Partnerships activities are very important.  The goal is to improve services to member companies and support them in creating new business.  Key outcomes from this group have been:

  • To facitlitate members' accesss to experts who can advise Europharm members on crucial areas of business such as legal affairs and licensing.
  • To improve Europharm's role as a "marketplace" for business partnering.
    To increase membership numbers, thus enhancing business opportunities within the association.
  • To enhance the website to facilitate the search for partnering opportunities, and also to allow non-members the ability to register and search for licensing opportunities. 

To find out more about how to explore licensing opportunities on the Europharm website, click on : Why Register?

The Working Group Regulatory Affairs has been in place working for several years. Its focus is to find ways of helping SMEs  to comply with the new regulations and to reduce regulatory costs. The objectives are:

  • To propose solutions and financial support to facilitate SME's implemention of new legislation.
  • To participate at European level as a stakeholder in debates on regulatory issues which will have a specific impact on SME's (e.g. EC,EP EMA).
  • To keep in close contact with members, e.g. through request for feedback on specific issues.

The main topics currently under discussion are:

  • eCTD
  • Eudravigilance and the NPVL
  • New regulations on Variations

To find out more about the EMA incentive's for SMEs, click here : Incentives for SMEs