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International Business Meeting 2015

On the 9th & 10th March 2015 Europharm organized its 13th International B2B meeting in Paris in collaboration with the French National Pharmaceutical Association (LEEM) and the French association for medium sized pharmaceutical companies (AMLIS).

More than 20 countries were represented with a hundred participants.

The lecture session focused on the market access in Algeria and in the Middle East with very high level and interesting presentations.

Coffee breaks and lunch were used for intensive networking activities.

Europharm International B2B meeting is dedicated to companies looking for all kind of collaborations  (licensing in, licensing out, distribution, sales & marketing agreement etc….).  All participants participated to more than 350 face-to-face meetings with already now a lot of positives outcomes.

In the evening all participants enjoy a great dinner cruise on the Seine.  This event was a great opportunity to know each other much better, the first step to built-up a strong partnership.

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International Business Meeting Europharm SMC Paris, 9th & 10th March
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