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International Business Meeting 2015

Our International Business Meeting 2015 will take place in Paris on the 9th & 10th March 2015.

Middle East, North Africa & France Health Markets: Business Trends & Market Access

Special focus on partnership EU and Algerian companies 

As usual our objective is to provide to participants new business market opportunities but also a large panel of companies looking for Business Partnerships.   

We are expecting the participation of Algerian companies interested to build-up a strong cooperation with EU SME's.  The Algerian Market has a positive growth but is also the most important among the North African Markets.

This International meeting is also the opportunity to meet an important number of pharmaceutical companies (member and non member Europharm SMC) looking for business collaborations but all those with whom you are already in relationship.  During this meeting we will organise for you 14 face-to-face meetings.  Our experience since more than 10 years shows that a lot of Business agreements are now running thanks these meetings.

You'll find hereafter the Program and the Registration and also the Hotel accomodation form.

We are looking forward to meeting you in March 2015 in Paris.

Best regards,

Europharm SMC Team


 Company Profile form 2015
Use this form ony if your company is not register on our website www.europharmsmc.org
 Hotel California Accomodation form
Your reservation has to be made before 8th February 2015
 Program & Registration Form
International Business Meeting Europharm SMC Paris, 9th & 10th March
 Registration form